Antique French Art Deco Siegel mannequin bust of child circa 1920


Beautiful and authentic French bust from the Siegel factory, very known factory which was associated with Stockman!

This bust represent a boy’s face and upper bust, and was probably made to display collars .

the bust itself is made out of papier mache, which has been hand painted , only the from of the bust is nicely modelled , the back is flat, so that it can be placed near a wall. This bust is simply resting on a wooden stand, which hight can be easily adjusted.

both element are original and hold the Siegel stamp which makes the whole mannequin more collectable and desirable!

considering the age of this item, the condition is fairly good…the papier mache has some minor damage as can be seen on the pictures

this bust measures (at its lower setting) 70cm (27.5″) high and 34cm (13.4″) across the shoulders.

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